mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

Headbutts, but no Butts.

Good evening from your favourite completely-freaking-out-elf. I know, I know: real elves don't freak out. Well. Wannabes do.

The reason of this freakingoutattack I'm going through (which consists in a voice in my brains going "IIIIIIIK" every 30 seconds) are the frequent headbutts I accidentally throw on real life. Specifically, after ONE lesson I've already had a harsh exchange of opinions with my wood-engraving professor.

At least, SHE exchanged her opinions with ME. I decided I'd rather shut up. I'm a VERY wise elf :)

So, I decided to leave wood-engraving apart for a few...decades, and I've gotten back to work on an old thingie I found on my harddrive today:

The lineart is COMPLETELY done on Photoshop, as well as the rest. I must have gone completely NUTS (thank you, dear wood-engraving professor!). But, as you can tell, I still prefer traditional tools ;)

Well, as for today, all my further comments are "blabbi buba graggle baf!"! Which pretty much means: "I wanna see The Pillars of the Earth tonight!".

Have fun, lovely folks!

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  1. Quella donna non capisce un cazzo, sarà livornese!!(E' una battuta dello Svarione, non mia XD).
    Non si abbatta, amica! Bel disegno quello della tizia!