domenica 2 dicembre 2012

*Insert Romantic Music Here*

I'm completely smitten with my new computer. I do have a new computer. He/she (I still didn't pick a name) is AMAZING. Photoshop works great with it. We're all friends, now :)

So I obviously had to draw myself and my computer sharing some love on the Titanic. Oh!, we trust each other.

And this is a sketchy thing I did on Photoshop without pen pressure cause I still hadn't figured out how to install the tablet drivers again. I had a rough time!
I want one of these bluewinglessdragon thingies. Who needs bikes!?

giovedì 29 novembre 2012


A fast sketch cause I wanted to use those colours.

Underneath, how i turned a failed sketch into something that could well get me into a mental hospital. 

AND Mattes. As a fennec :)

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

A Game of Frogs

So. Reasons why I'm never on the blog lately:
 1.I finally have a very nice job in graphics.
 2.I can't stop reading Game of Thrones. 
3.I can't stop mourning Game of Thrones characters :( :) 
4.I could mention that I have to go to university, but my university is a bit lame and I've only had to follow three classes since the beginning of the academic year. Meh.

 This said, today I found the time to mess around with Photoshop and I've drawn Meera Reed! From Game of Thrones, of course. What did you expect?? :) I'm not SOOO fond of this character, but she's one of the guys who still didn't appear in the show and I wanted to have a shot at designing her.
 So, yes, the image above is how I imagine Meera Reed, after I completely forgot how she's been described in the books . Meow!

giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Epic battle n.2034

-me and my epic battles with Photoshop-
episode number 2034

The Blood Mage

this exciting fight started with ElfoMiope repeatedly smashing Photoshop's face with a black graphic tablet. Photoshop reacted promptly by confusing its opponent with a speed attack, thus making it impossible for ElfoMiope to get proportions right. the colours splattered on the screen in a gory mess... until ElfoMiope had the greatest idea: without losing a second, she swung her tablet at Photoshop, cropping the ugly parts out of the painting until only a very close close-up remained. 
and there lay Photoshop, astonished and defeated! 
ElfoMiope could walk out of the application with her trophy: a Blood Mage.

I'm Bored

mercoledì 19 settembre 2012


After two long months of sitting in my bubble, using summer as an excuse to never EVER show up in the internet, I'm back. 
I guess I kind of decided summer is over, also since tomorrow I'll leave my beloved Hamburg and get back to Rome. Oof, I hate flying.

Anyhow, today I've drawn a mermaid without a tail! Still, she's a mermaid. I know it.
I'm satisfied with the atmosphere in this one, even though the figure is far from perfect. I'm working on my colour skills these weeks, as i have almost none :)

martedì 26 giugno 2012

Expositions and Hysteria

my dear friends from the whole wide food chain, I have an announcement to make:
on Sunday the 1st of July (oh!, Summer I love you) your favourite Blind(Fat)Elf (that would be me) will take part in an exposition (I'm using too many parenthesys today) (damn it).

said exposition will be great, awesome, BRILLIANT, and it will feature many great artists. And me. it's taking place in Villa Gregoriana, a gorgeous forest near Tivoli, with waterfalls and all that beautiful shit.
I will be there from 10.30 to 13.00 talking about my art, for those who are willing to listen. 
here's  a little preview:

traduzione per gli amici romani: sto affa' 'na mostra.

oh and the image below is a 5minutes ME and my classy way of tackling exams.

martedì 19 giugno 2012


I was tweaking and playing with some stuff for university, and... I can't remember well, but...
I must have gotten carried away :P

I've drawn The Emblem of the PissedOff Elves.
Also known as Lo Stemma degli Elfi Incazzati.
 I don't know why the PissedOff Elves are pissed off. 
Why don't you ask them yourself?

lunedì 4 giugno 2012


I remembered I had to draw Gandalf. why didn't I draw some Gandalfsesss before?

and this is something I only just did for playing, but in the end I couldn't help laughing in my head at Boromir's back angry mimic, and I wanted to share my histerical sense of humor with you guys: have the CRAPPIEST SKETCH in the world, on which I've lazily slapped colours with photoshop to make sure it would be at least possible to understand it's all snowy around there. if you've read the Lord of the Rings AND speak italian you'll understand, otherwise it's not funny. 

I'm so hilarious! there's the hand of a Hobbit poking out from the snow! HO-HO! 

[hello C: I should be studying]

domenica 27 maggio 2012

I just want to make clear this is no poem

this month, is the month of my destruction.
no more will I dwell in the star-lit forests.
no more will my eyes water at the sight of fluffy puppies.
no more will I stuff my stomach with tofuburgers.

for this is the month of the seven exams. 
this, is the month of countless competition-deadlines.
this, my friends, is the month of the drawing-performance in the woods.

this month, my beloved folk, you won't be seeing much of my sleepy self in da hoods.

lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Birds Exploding

I've found this thing i painted and vandalized with tape some months ago.
and i bring you this 10mins sketch (10 mins for this is a very long time, i know :)   ) which I'm posting because I like the colours.

domenica 13 maggio 2012


bonsoir! today I'll show you an illustration I've made for a competition.
the patchwork cover is made of real fabric!
I had to kill a vest for that.
vest, you'll never be forgotten.

martedì 8 maggio 2012

Dite Amici ed Entrate, Cribbio!

The SuperMegaExtendedVersionOfTheLordOfTheRingsWithShinyElfGlitterOnTop is now mine.

Sooo, what have we here...

an Aragorn

a necessary silly Boromir having fun at Elrond's council
a merry Merry {Merry is my favourite hobbit. he's an idiot, of course, but then he also has this side...this kind of philosophical side. the one that comes out when he's smoking, if you know what i mean. he's a good hobbit}

and two little sketchy environments. a hug if you understand what the hell they represent (nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings here)!

(i'm a nerd) 

mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Faces and Alices

don't get me wrong, i REALLY would like to post more often. I'm not evil, that's how they draw me :)
 lately I've been sewing a lot of self-made clothes, and I even wrote something. UHU! I've always loved writing, still I haven't done it for a very long time. may it be that I'm back in the MagicalandFullofRainbows World of Writing? let's see. 
  i always draw as much as i can, mind you! its just that I'm not very satisfied with the results
especially, my portraits always bear NO RESEMBLANCE at all with the subject, and they're often somewhat deformed; this is why I decided to train with faces . the human figure has always been my favourite subject, alas! 

I had a really sweet idea for this Alice one. then I started painting in a hurry, wanting to finish it fast. it doesn't look like the idea in my head anymore...well, I'll try again another time! when I'll be old and wise, maybe :) 

no resemblance with subject.             no resemblance whatsoever, but I still had fun with watercolors.
yes, the first one is Jesus, as he himself tells you ;P

martedì 17 aprile 2012

It's a Legolas!

I have a surprised Legolas and a desperate need to learn to colour properly.
i coloured this with water-based markers.
i love the Lord of the Rings!
:D geeeee

{graphics can be very boring}

lunedì 16 aprile 2012


I think it's funny, how I said I was gonna post more often... :)
I have a very raw sketch here for you. 
it's a world

domenica 25 marzo 2012


I love Dots :)

Fantasy or Fairytale?

Gurgle :)
having decided it would be nice if I'd post here a bit more often, 
in order to have a motivation to try and draw something worth showing
 every day, I'm here again. this time I bear elves and fairies :)

I like how i coloured the little elf, but I'm not completely satisfied
on the fairy -

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

hello, i'm a kitsch mountain!

Good Day! 
here's something a little different from what i've posted on the blog so far. 
a mountain. 
my new obsession with skyrim, which has been taking away all of my time from other occupations (for example drawing, studying, having a social life...) reminded me about one of the biggest and boldest lines on my to-do list: learn to paint environments. 

ok, so i don't have a to-do list. 
but i'd still like to learn how to paint environments.
and as they are my biggest flaw, together with using colours (yes),  this will be a long LONG journey.

here, this is a speedpainting. reference used. it kinda looks like a "greetings from austria" postcard, but this time i was aiming for resemblance and colour mixing, not for prettiness :)

ps: skyrim. seriously!!! brace yourself for a lot of skyrim-inspired stuff, coming next! :D
im an old nerd :D

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

The Tale of the Ugly Sketchbook

 directly from Hamburg, here´s nothing less than an Update!
AND there´s a story behind this Update:

      one morning,  I noticed my sketchbook is goddamn ugly.
                         :end of the story:

of course, this meant I had to try making it look better. here´s what happened in the past few days:

that one above is a sleeping meepdude. the meepdude is a very
uncommon animal, which can be found sleeping or rocking
his head at hardcorepunkconcerts.
i must say it´s my favourite animal.
this one here is a deformed naked guy
and then some stuff:


martedì 21 febbraio 2012

teaparty with broccoli

 uh, hi, are You still here? whoever You are? then, I like You :)
being extremely frightened of my exam on Thursday, I haven't posted much lately. 

but now, behold!, this blog will host, now, a preview of the story I've created for my exam! *DRUM ROLL*

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...I present you...this.

the pictures are obviously photos...these things are too big for my scanner. 
well, see you! i'll have to freak out a little bit more now :)

ps: maybe SOMEONE will be satisfied now that I've posted an elephant

martedì 7 febbraio 2012


Yes, believe me or not, thought I haven't posted anything for some weeks I actually still live and I've been drawing a whole lot. Unfortunately, what I've been drawing is mainly exercises for my drawing course, which is slowly swallowing my life. Or something a bit less dramatic.
Anyway, on the left I present you a sketch for a project I have, AND -

 - on the right, a piece of the "Annunciazione" of sweet Leonardo da Vinci I've been drawing because i need to EXERCISE with fabrics. She's got a whole lot of fabric there, as you can see :)

Well, now I need to decide if what I want to do now is
1. Drawing
2.Slaughtering goblins
3.Being slaughtered by goblins

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

The death of the Outlines

This is more or less my first outline-less Photoshop picture I fully approve.
Yeah, that's right, this is the first time I have success painting without outlines in Photoshop. Me and Photoshop are still not really friends, you know. If we were in the Sims, we'd have 40 relationship points, out of 100.
But I'm satisfied!

martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Oceans and forests

Hello there, from your notpreparinganyexamblindelf! Instead of preparing those two exams I need to pass in February, I'm spending time drawing mermaids with boobs. I'm starting to have a lot of fun with my little buddy, Mr Illustrator!

Some important new stuff for me now is that I'm also trying to find my way in photography. I'm waaaay at the beginning, but I guess I'll post here a photo I took of which I really like the mood. I find it creepy and quiet, at the same time. 

And now, FAREWELL, yo. I need to draw minicircles on huge sheets of paper.


lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Chirp Chirrrrrp

The return of the Bluebird! Also known as "yes-sometimes-I-am-still-drawing-something-even-if-I'm-caught-in-a-spiral-of-laziness".

Spirals are the main theme of my life. I like them.

Have a nice day while while I'll try going on with the Bluebird story (it's also for a portfolio, you know).

Mrrauuu frrrr