sabato 12 novembre 2011

Hauptsache: Fat.

Since I've spent night and morning shaking epileptically to the sweet sound of evil music, what I've created today is, as well, a bit shaky.

The story is easy: a short time ago, I've drawn a princess on an overweight pony:

, then, my sweet friend Braddie the Sloth suggested I should draw another one, an overweight princess on a thin pony. And I did. Sorry, mr.Pony!!

They're very sketch-like, and since I'm really into classical fairytale stuff (such as princesses on ponies!), I'd like to draw them once more in a rather "serious" way, one day. These two ones have been coloured with the incredible amount of colourful inks I've received lately. I didn't even know coloured inks would exist! Life is sure wonderful :)

Well. Enough blabber for today. Fruf.

4 commenti:

  1. E' BELLISSIMO! W overweight ponyyyyy!!! Overweight princess sucks!

  2. regala una cura sobrino al 1' cavallo e alla 2' principessa. Stima per l'amico Braddie. E, naturalmente, per il template di questo posto, que me gusta muchissimo.
    Ps: l'arca di Noè sotto, con i due elefanti che sporgono, me gusta tambien ;-)

  3. Ma, non avevamo detto una cosa simile, io e te?! Anyway è bellerrimo, così come il tuo blog.
    Appresto, amico!!!