giovedì 29 novembre 2012


A fast sketch cause I wanted to use those colours.

Underneath, how i turned a failed sketch into something that could well get me into a mental hospital. 

AND Mattes. As a fennec :)

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

A Game of Frogs

So. Reasons why I'm never on the blog lately:
 1.I finally have a very nice job in graphics.
 2.I can't stop reading Game of Thrones. 
3.I can't stop mourning Game of Thrones characters :( :) 
4.I could mention that I have to go to university, but my university is a bit lame and I've only had to follow three classes since the beginning of the academic year. Meh.

 This said, today I found the time to mess around with Photoshop and I've drawn Meera Reed! From Game of Thrones, of course. What did you expect?? :) I'm not SOOO fond of this character, but she's one of the guys who still didn't appear in the show and I wanted to have a shot at designing her.
 So, yes, the image above is how I imagine Meera Reed, after I completely forgot how she's been described in the books . Meow!