sabato 24 dicembre 2011


It's not that i like Christmas. I LOVE IT!!!
I love it so much I want to share the love with you all, and I'm doing it now cause later and tomorrow I probably won't have time. I will be busy dancing to Christmas songs on my desk, you know.


martedì 13 dicembre 2011

Grim. Not the brothers.

Uh, hi!
I've just noticed that today actually sucks. For existential reasons. Not Sartre-existential reasons. It's more like, everyday-existential reasons.
Except, I hope everyday doesn't SUCK so much!

To stay in the beautiful mood, I've drawn a friendly Mr.Skull.

Which could be me if I go on eating burnt cookies.

giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

Words and Words

My favourite english words are Wonderful, Leprecaun, Poodle and Skism. As for the sound, I mean. And they change very often.

This was to distract myself from the fact that I haven't been creating much worth a blogpost, lately. For sure I've created many other things, for example crepes :)
But I'll post here a small work-in-progress of an idea I have.

 The just-started-painting-part-

-and the very beginning

I had to take pictures of it instead of scanning it cause it's SOOOO big.
Also, I showed it to my father to ask for an opinion, and what he told me was "the chin is huge". So, I guess, I failed perspective. This serves me cause I never use reference.
Well, that may be mainly cause REFERENCE IS BORING. And necessary.

Yeah, ANYWAY! I've finished colouring the nymph/girl/damned woman/or whatever she is, with acrylics. I think she looked better in black&white. I guess you'll see her soon, anyway :) Oh lucky you!!!

Well, farewell. I'm so very happy today, this is like my personal Christmas Eve. Wish something similar to you all!