giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

Words and Words

My favourite english words are Wonderful, Leprecaun, Poodle and Skism. As for the sound, I mean. And they change very often.

This was to distract myself from the fact that I haven't been creating much worth a blogpost, lately. For sure I've created many other things, for example crepes :)
But I'll post here a small work-in-progress of an idea I have.

 The just-started-painting-part-

-and the very beginning

I had to take pictures of it instead of scanning it cause it's SOOOO big.
Also, I showed it to my father to ask for an opinion, and what he told me was "the chin is huge". So, I guess, I failed perspective. This serves me cause I never use reference.
Well, that may be mainly cause REFERENCE IS BORING. And necessary.

Yeah, ANYWAY! I've finished colouring the nymph/girl/damned woman/or whatever she is, with acrylics. I think she looked better in black&white. I guess you'll see her soon, anyway :) Oh lucky you!!!

Well, farewell. I'm so very happy today, this is like my personal Christmas Eve. Wish something similar to you all!

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  1. Amico mi piasce!! il mento non è enorme è che si vede dal basso! qundi tutte le persone basse vedonoo menti enormi!