domenica 25 marzo 2012


I love Dots :)

Fantasy or Fairytale?

Gurgle :)
having decided it would be nice if I'd post here a bit more often, 
in order to have a motivation to try and draw something worth showing
 every day, I'm here again. this time I bear elves and fairies :)

I like how i coloured the little elf, but I'm not completely satisfied
on the fairy -

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

hello, i'm a kitsch mountain!

Good Day! 
here's something a little different from what i've posted on the blog so far. 
a mountain. 
my new obsession with skyrim, which has been taking away all of my time from other occupations (for example drawing, studying, having a social life...) reminded me about one of the biggest and boldest lines on my to-do list: learn to paint environments. 

ok, so i don't have a to-do list. 
but i'd still like to learn how to paint environments.
and as they are my biggest flaw, together with using colours (yes),  this will be a long LONG journey.

here, this is a speedpainting. reference used. it kinda looks like a "greetings from austria" postcard, but this time i was aiming for resemblance and colour mixing, not for prettiness :)

ps: skyrim. seriously!!! brace yourself for a lot of skyrim-inspired stuff, coming next! :D
im an old nerd :D

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

The Tale of the Ugly Sketchbook

 directly from Hamburg, here´s nothing less than an Update!
AND there´s a story behind this Update:

      one morning,  I noticed my sketchbook is goddamn ugly.
                         :end of the story:

of course, this meant I had to try making it look better. here´s what happened in the past few days:

that one above is a sleeping meepdude. the meepdude is a very
uncommon animal, which can be found sleeping or rocking
his head at hardcorepunkconcerts.
i must say it´s my favourite animal.
this one here is a deformed naked guy
and then some stuff: