sabato 24 dicembre 2011


It's not that i like Christmas. I LOVE IT!!!
I love it so much I want to share the love with you all, and I'm doing it now cause later and tomorrow I probably won't have time. I will be busy dancing to Christmas songs on my desk, you know.


martedì 13 dicembre 2011

Grim. Not the brothers.

Uh, hi!
I've just noticed that today actually sucks. For existential reasons. Not Sartre-existential reasons. It's more like, everyday-existential reasons.
Except, I hope everyday doesn't SUCK so much!

To stay in the beautiful mood, I've drawn a friendly Mr.Skull.

Which could be me if I go on eating burnt cookies.

giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

Words and Words

My favourite english words are Wonderful, Leprecaun, Poodle and Skism. As for the sound, I mean. And they change very often.

This was to distract myself from the fact that I haven't been creating much worth a blogpost, lately. For sure I've created many other things, for example crepes :)
But I'll post here a small work-in-progress of an idea I have.

 The just-started-painting-part-

-and the very beginning

I had to take pictures of it instead of scanning it cause it's SOOOO big.
Also, I showed it to my father to ask for an opinion, and what he told me was "the chin is huge". So, I guess, I failed perspective. This serves me cause I never use reference.
Well, that may be mainly cause REFERENCE IS BORING. And necessary.

Yeah, ANYWAY! I've finished colouring the nymph/girl/damned woman/or whatever she is, with acrylics. I think she looked better in black&white. I guess you'll see her soon, anyway :) Oh lucky you!!!

Well, farewell. I'm so very happy today, this is like my personal Christmas Eve. Wish something similar to you all!

mercoledì 30 novembre 2011


Juhuuu folks!

Long time no post...but I've been doing an awful lot. Strictly speaking about drawing. For example, thousands of miniexercises for the drawing course. The professor wants them to have NO SHADOWS at all, she only wants to see the outlines; of course, when she said this, I almost coughed myself to death.

BUT, a few days of un-shadowed drawing later, I realized what a great exercise this is for my lines. They are getting much cleaner, I think.

Here are some minithings (my scanner EATS pencil drawings and spits them out in very poor conditions):

I like the fat chamaleon :)

martedì 22 novembre 2011

I found this together with Dinosaurs.

So, today I wanted to have a self-esteem-boost looking at old drawings I made, and I found an ANCIENT mini-sketchbook from two years ago with trashy paper where i had drawn some stuff I actually still like. Here are some pages:

So today, on top of that and in between of all the pencil drawings I have to do for University, I made a little page, taking some inspiration from the last of those drawings:

I'm satisfied with this one too. I can kind of see an improvement, especially in 3-dimensional looks.

But I need to rush out and try to get a job, now. Again. Aber was soll's??

Wish you all a punk evening. Fruf.

domenica 20 novembre 2011

The story is ACTUALLY going on

With "the story" I mean the Noah's ship thingie. Yep. The one with inks in my first post. Here in the second panel we meet a misterious new character: LONELY BLUE BIRD! DAN-DAN-DAAAAAAAAN!!!!

Here he is, in all his temporary!)loneliness.

Working with a perspective really almost killed me. I don't do that quite often (I don't mean being killed, I mean drawing stuff that actually requires perspective :) ), but I'm quite satisfied with the result. I mean. You can understand it's a room, right?? In a ship, right?!?? I hope.

ZZZZO...last but not least, I wanted to post here a nice song from a certain Ginko, a reggae artist I've seen yesterday live at Acrobax (awesome social centre in Rome!). This particular song is about (and agaist) atomic energy. It's got all of that freak stuff about being one with nature, blah blah blah. I LOVE IT!

Sorry not-italian folks if you can't understand the lyrics. The lyrics are really the best thing about this song.


Have a good evening, my lovelies! Search for some stars!

mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

Headbutts, but no Butts.

Good evening from your favourite completely-freaking-out-elf. I know, I know: real elves don't freak out. Well. Wannabes do.

The reason of this freakingoutattack I'm going through (which consists in a voice in my brains going "IIIIIIIK" every 30 seconds) are the frequent headbutts I accidentally throw on real life. Specifically, after ONE lesson I've already had a harsh exchange of opinions with my wood-engraving professor.

At least, SHE exchanged her opinions with ME. I decided I'd rather shut up. I'm a VERY wise elf :)

So, I decided to leave wood-engraving apart for a few...decades, and I've gotten back to work on an old thingie I found on my harddrive today:

The lineart is COMPLETELY done on Photoshop, as well as the rest. I must have gone completely NUTS (thank you, dear wood-engraving professor!). But, as you can tell, I still prefer traditional tools ;)

Well, as for today, all my further comments are "blabbi buba graggle baf!"! Which pretty much means: "I wanna see The Pillars of the Earth tonight!".

Have fun, lovely folks!

sabato 12 novembre 2011

Hauptsache: Fat.

Since I've spent night and morning shaking epileptically to the sweet sound of evil music, what I've created today is, as well, a bit shaky.

The story is easy: a short time ago, I've drawn a princess on an overweight pony:

, then, my sweet friend Braddie the Sloth suggested I should draw another one, an overweight princess on a thin pony. And I did. Sorry, mr.Pony!!

They're very sketch-like, and since I'm really into classical fairytale stuff (such as princesses on ponies!), I'd like to draw them once more in a rather "serious" way, one day. These two ones have been coloured with the incredible amount of colourful inks I've received lately. I didn't even know coloured inks would exist! Life is sure wonderful :)

Well. Enough blabber for today. Fruf.

giovedì 10 novembre 2011


So, it's after a while of thinking "Hey, the day I'll be an awesome artist I'll get an artblog! Juhuuu", that I realized that day is still far away.

This led, of course, to my decision of creating an artblog even though my arrrt is far from being awesome!
Looks like a normal conclusion to me.

So, the serious stuff. Here's some: child-book-style illustration for a small project I have. Let's see if it'll go on (the full-sized image is MESSY).

And I think that's all, for today :) I only still need to say: MIAO.