domenica 2 dicembre 2012

*Insert Romantic Music Here*

I'm completely smitten with my new computer. I do have a new computer. He/she (I still didn't pick a name) is AMAZING. Photoshop works great with it. We're all friends, now :)

So I obviously had to draw myself and my computer sharing some love on the Titanic. Oh!, we trust each other.

And this is a sketchy thing I did on Photoshop without pen pressure cause I still hadn't figured out how to install the tablet drivers again. I had a rough time!
I want one of these bluewinglessdragon thingies. Who needs bikes!?

5 commenti:

  1. I'm not a romantic girl, but even my computer and I trust each other. The problem is that with me it can't create such beautiful paintings! It hasn't got any problem, but it has to keep patience with me!

    1. Maybe your computer likes to write with you, and that's it. I'm pretty sure it's satisfied to have such a good writer as a friend :D
      Thank you for the awesome comment!!!

    2. Maybe...
      So it betrays me with a good writer! I'm full of jelousy! I knew that love is a terrible thing: now my heart is broken!

      I'm joking, thanks for compliments even if I don't merit them.

  2. l'immagine de te che tiene il pc esposto al vento su una barca ricorda un po' titanic...