martedì 7 febbraio 2012


Yes, believe me or not, thought I haven't posted anything for some weeks I actually still live and I've been drawing a whole lot. Unfortunately, what I've been drawing is mainly exercises for my drawing course, which is slowly swallowing my life. Or something a bit less dramatic.
Anyway, on the left I present you a sketch for a project I have, AND -

 - on the right, a piece of the "Annunciazione" of sweet Leonardo da Vinci I've been drawing because i need to EXERCISE with fabrics. She's got a whole lot of fabric there, as you can see :)

Well, now I need to decide if what I want to do now is
1. Drawing
2.Slaughtering goblins
3.Being slaughtered by goblins

2 commenti:

  1. Slaught goblins! SLAUGHT GOBLIIINS!!!!!! XD

  2. Mò me la stampo in formato santino e ce la ficco nel portafogli...